Double-walled bamboo basket
Herringbone-like pattern
19th c.
H: 19 1/2” x Diameter: 17” W: 28"

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This tall, bronze vessel-shaped basket is double walled for strength and aesthetics and is majestic in feeling. Its expertly plaited bamboo in a herringbone-like pattern with a rich patina is typical of the Kyushu region, where quality of the craftsmanship and bamboo are highly regarded. The base of the basket is twill plaited (ajiro-ami). The rim is elaborately finished with a strip of bamboo which is reinforced with rattan giving it strength and beauty (atebuchi). Judging from the size and shape of this basket, it was most likely created for one of the International Expositions in the late 19th century. Furthermore, records of the exposition indicate that many submitted baskets were from the Kyushu region