Ichiji-kan - One Character
Jo - Forgiveness
Hakuin Ekaku (1685-1768)
Hanging scroll. Ink on paper
Painting: H: 21 1/2” x W: 13”
With mounting: H: 45” x W: 22 1/2”

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In the second year of Kenji (1276) in the district of Ki (Wakayama), there was a divine message from (the Shinto deity) Hachiman: “Worldly people only think about themselves, their wives and their children. Constantly thinking about such things causes no end of trouble. Not to think of anything, anytime is a matter of congratulations. In this present age, when one asks, What teaching is the most beneficial?” answer “Zazen is the best method of escape from misery and the best method to escape from misery and the best way to find peace. Always try to keep the mind reposed in zazen”. (Translated by John Stevens)