Seated Cast Bronze Amida Buddha with Circular Mandorla
Edo Period (1617-1868) dated, 1782
H: 39"

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INSCRIPTION: Inscribed on lower back: “Tozenji mochi mono kusei ju Tora shichi gatsu juni nichi; Tenmei ni nen, Fujiwara Morimasa chu zo, Echizen no Kami”; Given to the Ninth Generation Priest of Tozenji on the Twenty-second day of the Seventh month in the Year of the Tiger (1782), Sculpted and cast by Fujiwara Morimasa of Echizen. Raised inscription at back of mandala reads: “Om a miri ta tei zei kara un” Hail to Amida Buddha
This large, gilded bronze cast Amida Buddha is a fine example of early 18th century casting. Although most of the gilding has been rubbed off, there are traces remaining on the chest as well as sections of fine incised scrolling flowers. The face and body are held in a convincing meditation pose expressing the mudra of concentration of the statue. The three separately cast small Amida Buddha on the mandorla further illustrate the fine quality of the sculpting and casting. It is possible that the sculptor, Fujiwara Morimasa of Echizen was a member of the famous family of sword makers