Carved Wood Figure of Ebisu”God of Daily Food”.
Sculpture. Joined woodblock cypress
Muromachi (1336-1573 A.D.)
H: 25 1/4 x W: 18 1/2” x D: 11”

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This joined woodblock statue of Ebisu wears the clothes of a Japanese courtier, pantaloons, wide-necked jacket, and a black lacquer hat. Missing his fishing pole and holding a sea bream, he is a popular deity among fishermen. He and Daikoku were usually small in size and placed on the kamidana, offering shelf, in the kitchen; however, larger sculptures, which generally date tothe Muromachi period were carved for the shrines and temples. Dating to the Muromachi period this statue can be compared to the statue of Daikoku in the Todaiji collection. Like that staue, it is constructed of joined cypress wood, with shallow drapery folds and skillfully carved. A further comparison with daikoku illustrates that both statues have expressive facial features. Although the statue of Daikoku retains more of its original pigment, only traces remain on Ebisu