Buddhist Priest Robe (kesa)
Silk brocade with gold threads
H: 42” x W: 81”

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“[A kesa] is a large length of material of rectangular or trapezoidal shape, with a rough ratio of three-to-five, vertical to horizontal. It is a monastic overcostume and is worn like a cape or shawl […] the most characteristic aspect of the kesa is it’s surface which is made up of multiple pieces in a patchwork manner that has the appearance of being strictly organized.”. Barry Till and Paula Stewart, Kesa. The elegance of Japanese Monk’s Robes. Canada, Victoria. Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. 1996, p.9

The design of this kesa is abstract and elegant, with gold, light blue and orange patterns of circles, reminiscent of a Buddha’s wheel, striking upon the black silk background.